Friday, 15 June 2018

Adding Fractions

Add together the simple fractions.
Double click the picture to colour in the right number of pieces,

¼ + ¼
½ + ½
1 hole
⅖ + ⅕
1/6 + 1/6
1/4 + 2/4
⅘ + ⅗

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The 7 sisters

Once There was a beautiful valley where lived 7 sisters. One day all the sisters made some kites

The first one made a green kite out of the harakeke bush the second sister made an orange kite form the raupo bush the third sister made pink kite out of the manuka tree. The Fourth sister made her kite red form the puriri tree.the fifth sister made a blue kite the colour of the river. The sixth made a white kite out of the toetoe bush the seventh smallest sister made a colourful kite her name was matariki.they went up a hill to fly it when they got up there they went to sleep and they all put there kites on a tree then they went to sleep. When they woke up there kites were gone when they looked into the sky they saw there kites and the oides sister said to Matariki “Those are your stars.”

The end

Thursday, 31 May 2018


Going To The Zoo

Last Week we went on the bus to the zoo.when we got to the zoo on the way to are meet up place we saw Meercats on the way there and we saw a red panda and when we got to meet up to stay in there lines
when were finish then me and my mum and my group went and we went to see the oters and we went to see the tigers and it was so cool we saw it run around it was so fun but. We Went to the red panda it was and then we went going on the trees and it was doing. Some cool cool staff and it was trying to do this turn then we went to the emu man it was fun it looked like.a flamingo then it was time to have lunch my lunch was so yum.My Mum had some of my lunch and then we went to the buglab!!!! When i went in there I fort there were going to be huge bug in there because it said buglab but there were game well the game were cool i went on.A side it was not that big it was like a baby side and then I went to play on some games there were some fake bugs but they looked like a big thing and it looked like a bug that doesn't look like a bug.After that we went to the to the park there were some big sides and there were a kind the a little side and i was on the dragon. It was so hard to get on to the dragon and the thing was there was some spinks and it was so hard to get over the.Dragon and then we went to the kid zone and we went to play in there but it was not cool in there. After that me and my group went to see the giraffe and there were some big poop thats why i did not want to stay there then we went to go and see the meerkats again there were 2 holes so we can go in the the holes and look at the.MeerKats there were so so cute and they went into the water and they were having a fightin in the water. Then it was time to go on the bus back to are school.The End

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Yesterday we made some catapult in the morning and we had big fight with a catapult and pom pom
and. How we made it we got some stick and we got some tape and some more sticks and we had
a big. The class and i did not no how to work my catapult it was so hard and some of my friends
were hideing.At the back of the tv and some of them were at the back of the chiar.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Thank you Woolf Fisher

 Thank You Woolf. Fisher for the pizza. The pizza the was so delicious man it was so cool